At Divine Clinic we also address your intimate concerns. We offer something special for men.
P Shot
We offer something special for men. We have an exclusive and savory P Shot service that can help improve erections as well as increase penis volume. The name of this therapy comes from the name of the ancient Greek god Priapus, who was considered the god of fertility and sexuality; exactly what we can do in our clinic!
PRP and Erectile dysfunction (ED):
Priapus shot (P shot) incorporates pain-free injections of a patient's own platelet-rich plasma increasing blood flow and circulation to help treat erectile dysfunction;
Rejuvenating the penis and stimulating new tissue growth, resulting in improved sexual performance and stamina, enhanced size and appearance of the penis, improved erections that are larger, firmer and more frequent, Increased sensation and pleasure.
PRP is designed to help men suffering from mild to severe erectile dysfunction by improving sexual performance.
Those who experience prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, and the after-effects of surgery, diabetes, and drug side effects may also notice an improvement in firmness and girth. Surgery is not required for PRP and there is little to no discomfort when administered and no downtime needed before treatment.
If you take a course of injections into the penis, then not only will you be pleasantly surprised by the changes, but your partner will also appreciate the changes.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy HBOT and Erectile dysfunction (ED):
HBOT can induce penile angiogenesis and improve erectile function in men suffering from ED by increasing circulation and oxygenation allowing the oxygen to build and repair damaged blood vessels, as well as triggering collagen growth, which leads to healing. HBOT reverses the basic common pathophysiology, atherosclerosis and decreased penile perfusion, responsible for most of ED cases
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