At Divine Clinic we also address your intimate concerns. We offer something special for men.
EMSELLA FOR ED & incontinence
Emsella for ED
Emsella for ED is a non-invasive treatment that helps men who have erectile dysfunction. The treatment uses Highly Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.
This is ideal
This is ideal for men with difficulties getting an erection or men who struggle with premature ejaculation. Emsella helps men obtain and sustain an erection by improving neuromuscular control and improving blood flow. It also helps men suffering from incontinence. With Emsella, men can target the causes of erectile dysfunction so that they can obtain and sustain an erection naturally, without the use of ED drugs like Viagra or Cialis, hence a natural alternative to using medication.
During a treatment
During a treatment, the patient sits, fully clothed, on an ergonomic chair.
The Emsella chair, also known as the “Kegel throne,” sends HIFEM energy into the muscle tissues of the pelvic floor.
The energy stimulates powerful muscle contractions at a superhuman rate.
One 30-minute treatment induces more than 11,000 contractions. This is the equivalent of manually performing 11,000 Kegels!
Divine clinics
Also, get rid of urinary incontinence once and for all! Divine clinics uses Emsella machine to help with urinary incontinence. The uniqueness of this machine offered to our patients is that a person simply sits on a chair that generates hundreds and even thousands of contractions of the pelvic muscles without pain. You do not need to undress, which makes the procedure more and more comfortable. No recovery time and can resume the rest of your daily activities the same day.
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