Medicine offers many innovative methods that help people stay healthy. At our state-of-the-art clinic we offer HBOT, where you can just breathe, and the air that you inhale is a real indispensable medicine for the body.
Get younger with every breath of oxygen!
Oxygen can be a real panacea that can breathe life into our bodies.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a unique medical innovation which begins repair processes in cells. You are placed into a special pressure chamber and inhale 100% pure oxygen. The main advantage is that it is a non-pharmacological method!
This therapy takes place in a special chamber in which you are placed for an average of 45-70 minutes to inhale purified oxygen, the pressure of which is several times higher than the standard one. With each breath,the blood is filled with enough oxygen to renew and rejuvenate your body.
HBOT helps with wound healing of varying degrees of complexity. During the procedure, your immunity begins to strengthen, creating blocks for the penetration of harmful viruses and bacteria. If you are suffering from the consequences of Covid-19, this is also your new panacea.Therapy prevents aging by smoothing wrinkles and improving the color and quality of the skin.The procedure is #1 during the rehabilitation period after plastic surgery.
Benefits for your Brain and Mind
Barochamber helps to provide much more oxygen entering the body. It begins to transport through the body and has an excellent effect on human memory by helping to concentrate on work and study. Mental abilities improve increasingly with each session. A person is able to process information much more actively and solve more complex tasks that were not given before. Controlling yourself and your feelings becomes much more realistic;
This therapy also helps to eliminate bad moods and depression.
Besides, HBOT is an ideal treatment for people with all types of brain illness that occurred as a result of trauma, age-related changes or developing pathologies. These illnesses are caused by a decreased oxygen supply to the brain, which this procedure compensates for.
Memory loss
Amnesia appears in various forms.
It can be short-term partial memory loss or long-term and complete.This disease is due to a number of causes. People who suffer from memory loss do not remember events or entire periods of their lives. Patients do not recognize their close relatives and do not remember anything about themselves in a particularly severe form. In such cases, they need special treatment, which will not only help restore memory, but also will not harm the person.

We have an offer! Regardless of the causes of the disease or the age of the patient, memory loss occurs due to impaired brain function. Basically, this is a violation of blood circulation and damage to the neurons of the brain. You just need to inhale purified oxygen to restore these vital components. The body begins to heal itself when a person stands in a pressure chamber and breathes 100% pure oxygen. HBOT is the №1 treatment for people with memory loss and any other brain disorder.
Headaches and migraines
Everyone has at least once complained of a headache. This unpleasant feeling can arise from a variety of reasons and also can be a natural reaction of the body to external and internal changes.
Causes of headaches
* colds
* weather changes
* stress
* lingering depression
* muscle strain
* premenstrual syndrome
* central nervous system malfunction
The most common form of headache is migraine. It is a full-blown neuralgic disease, which can occur regularly several times a month or even more often. A migraine is an acute and throbbing pain which feels around the temples and followed by weakness and nausea. This syndrome arises due to increased excitability of neurons and disruption of the blood supply.
HBOT A panacea for migraines
Everyone is used to taking analgesic pills to deal with migraines. However, this is only a temporary relief of pain. It’s time to think about a full treatment that will get rid of these unpleasant attacks!
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a new and universal method of treating a huge number of diseases including migraine. This method is absolutely safe because the main instrument which helps to cure it’s... oxygen!
The patient is placed in a pressure chamber, in which the percentage of pure oxygen is so high that it is enough to start the renewing processes in our organism.
People who suffer from chronic headaches will already notice a pleasant change in the body after the first week of therapy.
HBOT helps the body create new blood vessels and starts blood flow to the brain cells.
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